X11R7 and X11R6.9 TODO Task List

The plan is to use this page as a list of tasks and changes that need to be completed before the combined X11R6.9/7.0 release. So, please feel free to add tasks that you are currently working on or will be eventually. People who are looking for ways that they can help can go through this list to pick out tasks to work on.

General items

The blocker bug for the combined release is here: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1690

  • Test the code in the tree and file bugs for problems found
  • Go through all of the bugs listed in bugzilla and fix those that we can before the release
  • Set up tinder clients for your system (see http://freedesktop.org/Software/TinderboxWiki for info on how to do this)


Tasks for the 6.9 release:

  • Update to latest Mesa release -- note this is still being worked on by the Mesa developers.


Tasks for the 7.0 release:

  • Many of the supporting files either have not been created or are currently empty. These include the protocol (for the proto module components), AUTHORS, ChangeLog, COPYING, INSTALL, NEWS, README, and DEPEDENCIES files.
  • Configure options corresponding to various monolithic tree cf options need to be supported.
  • Server: create style guide for Makefile.ams, rewrite to fit. It's a mess right now. [DanielStone]
  • Server: audit files currently being installed and determine if they match the exported SDK from 6.9, and if/how we need to update it.
  • Server: port to more platforms (non-trivially difficult).
  • Server: quartz, cygwin support
  • Server: dmx, Xprint DDXes
  • Server: add optional Exa support, expose selected AA via pkg-config. [DanielStone]
  • lib/drivers: add XvMC client side libraries for via and i810