Marc Balmer

Entrepreneur and owner of Micro Systems, a consulting, development and outsourcing company for 18 years in Basel, Switzerland (

OpenBSD developer, mostly working on time related stuff (Time Signal Station Receivers, GPS), and maintaining ports like OpenLDAP, ?OpenMotif, PostgreSQL etc.

Licensed radio amateur (HB9SSB), paraglider- and glider-pilot, motorbike rider and adventuror (Land Rover enthusiast). Former lecturor and member of the board of the department ?HyperWerk of the Basel University of Applied Sciences.

Organizer and chairman of the 2005 European BSD Developers Conference at the University of Basel, Switzerland and organizer and chairman of the 2007 OpenBSD Developers Conference OpenCON in Venice, Italy.

Project administrator / general contact for X.Org Google Summer of Code 2008 projects

Email: marc AT SPAMFREE msys DOT ch