The Khronos Group

The Khronos Group has accepted the X.Org Foundation as an adopter (pro bono). This allows developers of community-based Open Source drivers to submit conformance test results for all the supported platforms of the driver.

Successful submissions made by result in a trademark license grant to so projects can use the API logo and trademarks, and an IP license grant to under the Khronos IP Framework, to provide protection to implementations. Hardware vendors that wish to receive a trademark and IP license for their own use and protection must become Adopters and have successful submissions under their own name - even if they use open source implementations created by in those submissions.

Applying with the X.Org Foundation

To submit any conformance results, our agreement with Khronos has the following requirements:

  • The submitter needs to be a member of the X.Org Foundation
  • The driver needs to be:
    • community-backed
    • Open Source
    • under the X.Org umbrella
  • Both hardware and software-only drivers are covered

If you satisfy these requirements, contact board (at), and prove that your case is covered by our agreement with Khronos. Please also include the wanted email address you would like to get, along with the email address you would like emails to be re-directed to.

Creating an account on Khronos

After receiving your address, you need to register with Khronos:

  • Test that your email address actually works
  • Go to the Khronos member signup page
  • Select "Software in the Public Interest, Inc" in the Company field
  • Use your email address in the "Primary Company Email Address" field.
  • Fill the rest of the form with your personal information

New account email confirmation normally arrives in minutes. If you still do not get the email after > 3 hours, please contact webmaster (at)

When your account has been created, visit the Adopter login page, which will contain all the necessary information to submit conformance results.

Before submitting conformance results, please ask for approval to the board of directors of X.Org!