Summary of the 11 March 2021 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez, Lyude Paul, Mark Filion, Keith Packard, Eric Anholt, Harry Wentland, Daniel Vetter,


Absent: Manasi Navare,


Agenda: domain status, XDC2020 invoices status, cloud hosting for, XDC2022 sponsors, XDC2021, XDC2022, HDMI 2.1, elections

Items discussed

ITEM: domain status
No updates
ACTIONS: Keith to poke SPI to see what the status of that is
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Requesting ledger data
Received a response from SPI, they were wondering what specific data we needed
to get from the ledger. Manasi responded
ACTIONS: Wait for SPI to respond back
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: XDC2020 invoices status
Manasi was absent, so no updates here
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Cloud hosting for
No updates here
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: XDC2022 sponsors
No updates here
STATUS: Pending

mupuf is still finishing the kubernetes setup. We have set March as deadline to
have the website (if not, we will fallback to hosting as past years)
ACTIONS: Mupuf to continue doing a great job!
STATUS: Pending

Samuel sent a bunch of emails to potential organizers. They got replies from two of
them saying that they are interested and they will start internal discussions.
We'll see if any of them submit a proposal at the end. However, Samuel is happy with
the replies, and thinks we need to keep doing it for future editions
STATUS: Pending

Harry got a bunch of feedback from the rest of the board on their draft, hasn 't
had a chance to write up a v2 yet.
ACTIONS: Harry to write up a v2 of the letter before next board meeting
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Elections
The elections committee extended the membership signup by a week since it looked
like not everyone got the early emails about it. We've been getting a ton of
signups this week though.
ACTIONS: Harry to announce nominees on Sunday, and after a week the elections
will start