Summary of the 05 July 2018 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Rob Clark, Eric Anholt, Harry Wentland, Martin Peres, Keith Packard,


Taylor Campbell,


Agenda: igalia inquiry, gsoc, xdc19, fd.o, evoc

Gsoc running well, 2nd evaluation next week.

Board approves an Evoc (provisional the mentor is secured).

Daniel out next 2 meetings, Harry takes over to run them.

Items discussed

ITEM: Sponsoring inquiry from Igalia for social event
Board approves as long as it's all run outside of the officiall XDC ares (except
a note in the program, stating it's sponsored and by whom). Like the event last
year sponsored by Collabora in MTV. Board will only coordinate if there's
multiple dibs for the same social event slot.
ACTIONS: Daniel to reply to Igalia's mail

ITEM: gsoc
Mentors are happy, next week is 2nd evalutation.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: xdc19
Board heard of 2 groups interested in submitting a conference proposal.
More welcome.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: fd.o
Harry dug through the thread again to summarize it, not much more yet.
Daniel S./Keith also submitted a talk for XDC to present about this all.
ACTIONS: Harry to send first draft to board@ + Cc: Daniel S. and Tollef
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: evoc
Solid proposal for an EGL extension and porting driconf to the same so it
works on non-GLX platforms. Board approves under the condition a mentor
agrees to mentor.
ACTIONS: Rob to coordinate
STATUS: Pending