Summary of the 15 March 2018 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Alex Deucher, Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Keith Packard, Egbert Eich, Rob Clark,

Absent: Martin Peres, Taylor Campbell,


Agenda: gsoc, treasurer's report, election, sponsoring, xdc cfp deadline

Electsion: Candidate Q&A started, 6 candidates for 4 seats:

XDC CFP deadline will be 2 months before XDC! Expect lots of announcements as reminders.

Items discussed

ITEM: treasurer report
Bryce has been updating the ledger with the limited information we have.
SPI promises to have FY17 date ready by beginning of April. Still not clear how
we can check which sponsors have paid already for xdc18 (and anything else
currently going on).
Decided to have a preliminary report for now, will have to finalize later on.
ACTIONS: Bryce and Daniel keep nagging SPI.
ACTIONS: Bryce to assemble preliminary report.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: elections
6 candidates for 4 board seats. Elections will start next Thu.
ACTIONS: Rob to set up the vote, get Daniel to help if needed.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Sponoring policies
General agreement on the changes for the general sponsoring policy.
Event sponsoring policy clarification discussion was inconclusive, need to
discuss more.
ACTIONS: Bryce to respin the general policy patch per m-l discussion.
ACTIONS: Daniel to bring up the event sponsor organizer clarification again.
STATUS: Pending Done

ITEM: XDC CFP dealine
Decide to set the deadline for when we decide on talks to 2 months ahead. Late
submissions will be accepted still if there's any free slots, and we'll do lots
of advertising to make everyone aware. Reason: Last 2 XDCs had actual rejections
(due to lack of time), we need to organize this better than first come first