Date is 2015-11-13, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Nov 13 2015
08:00 < whot_> good morning
08:00 <+egbert> good evening!
08:00 < robclark> good afternoon :-P
08:00 < agd5f> hi
08:01 < mupuf_> goooooood moooooooorniiiiiiiiing gentlemeeeeeeeen!
08:02 < whot_> not sure if danvet is around today, he's not online
08:02 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
08:02 < whot_> so I'll just do the minutes again until he or his bot show up :)
08:02 < marcoz> hi all
08:04 < agd5f> stukreit, did you send google a request for the mentor stipend?
08:09 < whot_> ok, while we're waiting :) Only thing I have on the agenda list is the XDC2016 vote
08:09 < whot_> we're down to one proposal, Helsinki from mupuf-jolla 
08:09 <+egbert> i'm here
08:10 < whot_> egbert: I meant waiting for stukreit 
08:10 < robclark> other proposal was withdrawn?
08:10 <+egbert> my client seem to have lag
08:10 < whot_> which means the vote comes down to a simple yay/nay to Helsinki
08:10 <+egbert> for xdc?
08:10 <+egbert> yeah.
08:11 < mupuf_> I will refrain from voting :p
08:11 < robclark> helsinki is fine by me, so +1
08:11 <+egbert> yeah, here too +1
08:11 < whot_> robclark: effectively, yes. ken isn't local to venice and didn't send out any updates. plus it's still not clear whether this was a suggestion only or a "I'll organize this"
08:11 < robclark> ahh
08:12 < whot_> +1 for helsinki from me
08:12 <+egbert> venice would have been nice but i had my doubts last meeting already
08:13 < marcoz> +1 for helsinki
08:13 < whot_> keithp: ping
08:13 < agd5f> +1 on Helsinki
08:14 < keithp> howdy.
08:16 < whot_> keithp: yay/nay on helsinki?
08:16 < keithp> yay
08:17 < whot_> alright, that's 6 yays, vote carried
08:17 < whot_> mupuf-jolla: congrats, or my condolences, whichever applies ;)
08:17 <+egbert> when/how are we going to fix the date?
08:18 < whot_> same as last year, let mupuf-jolla suggest two dates and we pick one?
08:18 < mupuf_> whot_: hard to tell :D Time will tell
08:18 < mupuf_> ok, will work with the uni to check when they would be available
08:18 < mupuf_> but I guess around the 15th of september wouldb e good
08:19 <+egbert> please also check if there is some big event in town limiting hotel availabilities
08:19 < whot_> yeah, I'd say 14-16 looks good from a high-level, 21-23 may work too or is that too close to uni start?
08:21 < whot_> either way, mupuf_, have a look at the potential dates and let us know which ones work
08:22 < mupuf_> uni starts at the end of october :D
08:22 < whot_> really? in .at it's 1 october. or used to be
08:22 < mupuf_> yeah
08:22 < mupuf_> well, they finish class around the 1st of May
08:22 < mupuf_> so :D
08:22 < mupuf_> they basically have the entire summer for them and come back in autumn, AKA September lo
08:23 < mupuf_> :p*
08:24 < mupuf_> so, is that it?
08:24 < mupuf_> is the meeting over already?
08:25 < robclark> no real updates on expo..  I forgot to harass keithp and daniels..  I did at least make another setup of backups (and made notes this time about how to do it), but haven't automated it yet..
08:26 < whot_> I guess that's pretty much it then, I think
08:26 < whot_> oh, bylaws. what's the update on that?
08:28 <+egbert> not from here - mea culpa
08:30 <+egbert> looks like today is very draggy here. maybe we should adjourn?
08:31 < whot_> yeah, I think that may be the best idea. sorry, wasn't sufficiently prepared, I thought danvet was back this week and I didn't have to care about the agenda
08:31 < whot_> well, we got one thing done.
08:31 <+egbert> whot_: no problem. 
08:31 <+egbert> definitely.
08:31 <+egbert> thanks all! good night!
08:32 < whot_> thanks for attending, talk to you all in 2 weeks