Date is 2015-10-30, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Jan 30 2015
07:01 < whot> good morning
07:01 < whot> fwiw, danvet and keithp are out today
07:02 < marcoz> whot,  do you guys have Halloween down there?
07:03 < whot> sort-of, not in the way you do
07:03 < marcoz> what's it like? how's it diff from US?
07:03 < whot> people have halloween parties, shops sell you junk, but no-one goes trick-or-treating
07:04 < robclark> hi
07:04 < whot> and people look at it as an american concept, not as a australian thing, so it's not something you really get behind as such. maybe closer to st patricks's day or so
07:05 < agd5f> hi
07:06 < robclark> heh, st patricks day vs halloween. I think we come out the loosers in that ;-)
07:07 < whot> hehe
07:07 < whot> mupuf_: ping
07:07 < marcoz> so no dressing up in costumes and going out and acting stupid?  wait, yep you're right. that sounds like St. Patty's day
07:08 < whot> halloween is the same, just different costumes :)
07:08 < whot> egbert: ping
07:10 <+egbert> ghi!
07:10 <+egbert> i'm here
07:10 < whot> alrighty, that makes 5 of us, maybe mupuf_ joins later
07:10 < whot> danvet isn't here today, I'll take the notes and whatnot
07:11 < whot> agenda: bylaws, expo, XDC2016
07:11 < whot> egbert: I think your bylaw review is still missing, so is keithp's
07:12 <+egbert> right. i was just reading thru it. not fully finished, yet.
07:13 < whot> oh, and a side-note from XDC2015 - samuel's reimbursement is complete
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07:14 <+egbert> how about Tom?
07:14 < whot> I don't know, I haven't seen any requests from him. stukreit?
07:14 < agd5f> He still hadn't heard back, but he's out of town this week
07:15 < stukreit> true.  have not received a bill from Seneca yet. Have sent Juliet $2500 and $2000. There was a snag that her bank refused us as an "NGO" but she straightened that out
07:15 < stukreit> still, she hasn't ack'ed either payment yet
07:16 < whot> ok, thanks
07:16 < whot> robclark: any updates from expo?
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07:21 < whot> I guess I'll take this as a 'no'
07:22 < whot> last item then: XDC 2016, I think we said we'd vote on the location this week?
07:22 < robclark> oh, hey..
07:22 < robclark> sorry, no real update on expo.. I pinged daniels and keithp .. but that is as far as it went..
07:23 < whot> ok, thanks
07:23 < robclark> I suppose if no one else is, I should make more regular db snapshots from expo..
07:23 < robclark> just so at least we have latest data..
07:23 < robclark> (I guess in case of emergency, that way we could switch over to openshift stuff easily even if email was broken for a week or two)
07:24 < whot> yeah, that'd be great
07:25 < robclark> ok
07:25 < whot> so, back to XDC, we have two proposals, Helsinki and Venice
07:26 <+egbert> what i still fail to clearly see - is there anyone local to organize this in Venice?
07:26 < whot> but, imo, at least for Venice we don't now enough yet to vote on it. it's not clear yet where the conference would be, apparently the university hasn't come back yet
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07:28 <+egbert> oops
07:30 <+egbert> the much i would like to go to Venice - September is still tourist season and Venice is packed with tourists.
07:30 < whot> heh, I don't think helsinki has that problem :)
07:30 <+egbert> right ;)
07:31 <+egbert> from the proposal i still fail to see how we can run this conference in Venice.
07:31 <+egbert> there are several hotels listed, apparently the once at the airport is reasonably priced.
07:32 <+egbert> but who wants to stay at the airport?
07:32 < robclark> Not sure how much time hurry we have, to hear back details about venice?  If we aren't in a hurry it wouldn't hurt to have more details (although I'm a bit skeptical on the costs..)
07:33 < whot> we aren't in a hurry
07:33 <+egbert> robclark: this could indeed be an issue. italy is not exactly cheap during the season.
07:33 <+egbert> off season might be different.
07:33 < whot> so maybe we should just request a write-up instead of having this sprinkled across emails
07:34 < agd5f> I didn't get the impression anyone was going to organize the venice location, I got the impression it was a suggestion
07:34 <+egbert> i guess what would be good to have is a venue with opportunity/ies for accomodation not too far away.
07:36 < marcoz> agreed on the single write-up, including accomidations' costs
07:36 < whot> ok, so how about we defer this, put dan's wiki writeup to good use and request a single writeup from ken
07:36 < whot> because us wasting time without knowing enough information isn't going to help anyone
07:36 <+egbert> yup
07:36 < robclark> sounds good
07:37 < whot> I'll send out those emails, mupuf_ that means you'll have to collate your bits as well
07:37 < whot> might put that up on the wiki after, just so it's easier to access
07:37 <+egbert> whot: thanks!
07:39 < whot> and I think this concludes today. do we have anything else?
07:39 < robclark> none here
07:40 < whot> alrighty, in that case, thanks for attending, talk to you all in 2 weeks
07:40 < marcoz> cool. later gates
07:40 < marcoz> gators
07:40 < whot> by then DST has kicked in/out, so better make sure the time's right
07:41 < whot> meeting time is San Francisco 2pm, whatever that translates to in your timezone
07:42 < robclark> cya