Date is 2015-07-10, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Jul 10 2015
07:01 < whot> good morning gents
07:02 < martintetedenain> hey guys!
07:02 < martintetedenain> oh, need to change my nick!
07:02 < whot> yes, stop the confusion already! :)
07:02 < agd5f> hey
07:03 -!- martintetedenain is now known as mupuf-jolla
07:03 < robclark> heheh, hi
07:06 < whot> keithp: ping
07:06 <+keithp> whot: what's up?
07:06 < whot> roll call check :)
07:06 <+keithp> oh, meeting time
07:07 < mupuf-jolla> yeah, meeting time!
07:07 < whot> alrighty, let's get started, three issues on the agenda, expo, bylaws and the trademark thingy I sent out yesterday. anything else on the list?
07:08 < mupuf-jolla> well, there is the members website thingy too, but we should probably handle it in the ml
07:09 < whot> yeah
07:09 < whot> robclark: any updates on expo?
07:09 < mupuf-jolla> so sorry for not answering...
07:09 < robclark> not terribly much.. I basically got as far as reading and then got distracted..
07:10 < robclark> but basically looks like we just need a smtp server somewhere we can talk to..
07:10 < robclark> not sure what the best way to do that w/out making that smtp a spam relay..
07:10 < whot> last meeting we talked about using fdo for that?
07:11 <+keithp> yes, we have SSL smtp set up on fdo now
07:12 < robclark> ok, so I guess we setup a pub/priv key pair for the openshift instance, and then figure out how to make php do smtp over ssh, or something roughly like that?
07:12 <+keithp> oh, but we didn't get a magic smtp-only account set up that we could use
07:12 <+keithp> robclark: no, just forward smtp to fdo and have it set up to allow for relays
07:13 <+keithp> would need to configure the email setup on openshift instance to use the appropriate smtp user/pass
07:13 <+keithp> robclark: would you like to just have joe rayhawk make this happen?
07:13 < robclark> ahh, ok
07:13 <+keithp> instead of attempting to configure the two ends separately?
07:14 < robclark> I guess I don't mind who does the fd.o end of it..
07:14 < robclark> just let me know the magic user/pass and I'll update the php
07:14 < robclark> and push to openshift instance, and then we should be in business..
07:14 <+keithp> ok
07:15 < whot> sounds like a plan
07:16 < whot> I had DNS cname entry on the minutes from last time, I think egbert wanted to look into that but he's afk. robclark did you look at that too?
07:16 < robclark> nope
07:16 < whot> right
07:17 < whot> guess that bit gets deferred then until egbert is back
07:18 < whot> anything else on expo?
07:19 < robclark> I guess moving mailing lists are still to-do..  but I assume that is mostly just a matter of asking some fd admin to setup some lists.. and maybe update MX record in dns?
07:21 <+keithp> robclark: does fdo need to also proxy inbound mail?
07:21 <+keithp> I thought mailing lists were just going to run on fdo
07:21 <+keithp> in which case, yeah, a simple MX record would suffice
07:21 < robclark> keithp, I think we just don't do inbound mail on expo..
07:21 < danvet> whot, sorry for being late, but juliet's evoc is also for agenda I think
07:21 < robclark> and just move the lists to fd.o
07:21 < whot> danvet: yeah, I just saw matt's email
07:21 < danvet> yeah just arrived
07:21 < robclark> so only thing mail related going on with expo is things like I-forgot-my-password emails..
07:22 < whot> which is outbound only
07:22 < robclark> (and other such notifications)
07:22 < robclark> right
07:22 < whot> keithp: didn't we pester you to ask for mailing list migration to fdo last meeting? or do I misremember that?
07:23 <+keithp> I'll I remembered was that we needed to get outbound mail setup from expo?
07:23 <+keithp> and that sounds like it almost won't be needed
07:23 < robclark> it will be light traffic..
07:24 < robclark> there are one or two things that the member system sends notifications emails..  and that is really it..
07:24 <+keithp> yup
07:24 < robclark> (well, maybe wiki too, I didn't check that part)
07:24 < robclark> which reminds me, I need to migrate the wiki as well..
07:24 <+keithp> so, need to get mailing lists migrated; that means pulling list members out and just creating a new list on fd.o
07:24 < robclark> yup
07:25 <+keithp> we already have hosted on gabe
07:25 <+keithp> just means making a members list and a board list, right?
07:25 < robclark> I think it is just those two
07:25 <+keithp> sounds good
07:26 < whot> there used to be I think, but I don't think we've used it in years
07:26 <+keithp> who has access to the members list? I can create a mailman list on fd.o
07:26 <+keithp> exists
07:27 < robclark> I guess whot probably has list admin?
07:27 < robclark> to get the member list
07:27 < whot> not that I know of, sorry
07:27 <+keithp> daniels has list admin on
07:27 < robclark> hmm, ok.. I thought you were one to add me to list, maybe I'm misremembering..
07:27 <+keithp> robclark: surely members@ should be generated from the member ship directly
07:27 < robclark> ahh, ok..
07:28 <+keithp> at least, that would be nice to do in theory
07:28 < robclark> well, in that case, I have a (several week old) dump of the mysql db..
07:28 < whot> getting the email addresses is easy, getting the settings across is different. then again it probably doesn't matter if we miss the correct digest settings :)
07:29 < whot> so who's got what on the todo list then?
07:30 < robclark> I can handle updating php for members system once we have smtp user/pass.. and meanwhile I'll migrate the wiki..
07:30 <+keithp> I will create the mailman lists. I don't have access to the membership at this point, so if someone else can send me the list of email addresses, I'll subscribe all of them
07:30 < whot> keithp: I'll get that to you later today
07:30 <+keithp> ok
07:30 <+keithp> who wants to be listadmin (other than me) for this?
07:31 < whot> all of us on the board? the more, the merrier :)
07:31 < whot> plus, higher chance of a list admin being available when needed
07:31 <+keithp> you'll get daily spam about oustanding admin issues
07:31 < danvet> it'll be subscriber-only, right?
07:32 <+keithp> danvet: yes
07:32 < danvet> for intel-gfx I only get mod mails about spam since we occasionally need to whitelist lkml people
07:32 < danvet> if that's killed by default there shouldn't be anything really
07:32 <+keithp> it's pretty minor
07:32 < danvet> so imo ok to make everyone on the board admin
07:32 <+keithp> how about I just subscribe as admin :-)
07:33 < whot> I want at least 2 backup accounts though
07:33 < whot> and yes, you can sign me up for one of them
07:34 < whot> ok, that should be all for expo today then?
07:34 <+keithp> sounds good
07:35 < mupuf-jolla> yep
07:35 < whot> slotting in the EVoC request in the agenda: brian is happy to mentor juliet for the project we voted on a while ago
07:35 < whot> that was approved based on "if the mentor says yes" and then laura couldn't mentor at that time.
07:35 < robclark> sounds good then..  I think all that was missing was a mentor before..
07:36 < whot> so I don't think we need a formal vote, but just in case, everyone happy with the green light?
07:36 < mupuf-jolla> yep, she will likely be the only evoc.
07:36 < agd5f> sounds good
07:36 < robclark> sounds good
07:37 <+keithp> awesome, I'm in. +1
07:37 < mupuf-jolla> we should make sure she merges stuff one by one . She apparently is new to all this so better not leave her work on her own
07:38 < danvet> +1
07:38 < agd5f> +1
07:38 < mupuf-jolla> +1
07:38 < whot> alright, passed. thanks
07:39 < whot> ok, let's move on, SPI. mupuf-jolla 
07:40 < mupuf-jolla> nothing new, really
07:41 < mupuf-jolla> i was supposed to contact someone but i apparently have been slacking and have been enjoying the sun!
07:41 < mupuf-jolla> I will set an alarm to do it next week!
07:41 < mupuf-jolla> sorry guys
07:42 < whot> ok, we'll postpone it again then, running low on time
07:42 < whot> last item: do we have rules/regulations for the use of our logo?
07:43 <+keithp> whot: I don't believe we have a trademark on our logo
07:44 < mupuf-jolla> is there anything you do not want to happen?
07:44 < whot> yes, "endorsed by X.Org" on a product we don't even know about
07:44 < mupuf-jolla> i mean, to me, it does not make sense to restrict the redistribution
07:45 < mupuf-jolla> no need for copyrights on this!
07:45 < mupuf-jolla> endorsed is a strong word!
07:46 < mupuf-jolla> Running, that would be OK
07:46 < agd5f> it's not registered, but we could probably make the legal case that we have certain rights due to our historic use of it.  that said, if there are others who have used it in the past and we didn't enforce our trademark, we probably don't have much of a case
07:47 < whot> right. so I guess the simple way here is to request that he won't suggest any endorsement and that's it
07:48 < mupuf> yes
07:48 < mupuf> I would say it is already what happens for tux
07:48 < mupuf> it is used on a ton of products
07:48 < agd5f> seems reasonable
07:49 < danvet> yeah
07:49 < mupuf> maybe we could check what the linux foundation does
07:49 < mupuf> and take the same approach
07:49 < danvet> they do a bit of enforcement I think since otherwise they'd lose rights to the registered trademark
07:49 < whot> right. I'll handle this then, will CC the board on the email
07:50 < mupuf> whot: thanks!
07:50 < danvet> hm "linux" seems a fairly serious business nowadays
07:50 < danvet>
07:51 < whot> guess once you have the trademark, you need to care and follow the legal requirements
07:52 < danvet> yeah
07:52 < danvet> the sublicense form is impressive
07:52 < whot> alright, I think that's all we had on the agenda for today. anything we missed?
07:52 < mupuf> whot: GSoC
07:53 < mupuf> the midterms have passed
07:53 < mupuf> all the students passed
07:53 < whot> ah, cool, thanks
07:53 < mupuf> we had a problem with one mentor being away on vacation
07:53 < mupuf> and I had to fill his evaluation
07:54 < whot> do the students know about this yet? i.e. can I put it in the minutes?
07:55 < danvet> well I just send a mail to mine
07:56 < whot> ok
07:56 < whot> mupuf: anything else from GSoC?
07:56 < mupuf> whot: no, not really
07:56 < mupuf> yes, they know
07:56 < mupuf> it was last week
07:57 < whot> ok, thanks
07:57 < whot> I think we can call it a day then
07:58 < mupuf> very well! Have a good evening/morning/afternoon, everyone
07:58 < robclark> sounds good
07:58 <+keithp> thanks much!
07:58 < whot> thanks for attending, see you in two weeks