Date is 2015-06-12, times are UTC+10.

--- Log opened Fri Jun 12 06:49:31 2015
06:59 < whot> good morning
06:59 < mupuf_> ah ah
06:59 < mupuf_> morning :)
07:04 < whot> keithp, robclark: ping
07:04 < robclark> pong
07:05 < whot> ok, that makes 4 of us, out of 6 expected. let's get started anyway
07:06 < whot> agenda is expo and spi, don't think there's anything else on, is there?
07:06 < whot> last meeting's evoc is postponed until a new mentor is found
07:08 < mupuf_> right
07:08 < robclark> jfyi, I did some poking around..  and (at least for a non-server guy) amazon/etc cloud hosting pricing structures are rather complicated.. but otoh this looks rather straightforward and attractive.. ;-)
07:09 < robclark> I didn't get around to actually dropping them a mail yet, tho.. got distracted..
07:10 < whot> we're only hosting board and member systems, not the public systems, so our traffic would be minimal I guess
07:11 < whot> iirc openshift is a pay-per-gb system otherwise
07:11 <+egbert> yeah. should not be overly high. spam probalby makes most of it.
07:11 < robclark> yeah, but the 'free for non-profits' option..
07:11 < whot> but I agree that it's the most convenient for ppl without time to sysadmin stuff
07:12 < mupuf_> we would only need to make sure our backups work properly
07:13 <+egbert> so this system doesn't provide backups?
07:13 < robclark> I guess main xorg wiki, etc, is all running on fd.o infrastructure?
07:13 <+egbert> or are you concerned that we will have to move our stuff someplace else quickly?
07:14 <+egbert> robclark: yes, except xorg mls, the membership system.
07:14 < robclark> I didn't check yet if they have some sort of snapshot mechanism..  I guess they don't provide *less* backup solution that what we have right now (ie. just doing manual rsync)
07:14 < whot>
07:14 < whot> that looks awfully convenient
07:15 <+egbert> yeah. we should just make sure we pull the stuff once in a while.
07:15 < robclark> yeah
07:16 < whot> there's also a backup server that does it automatically (found after 2 min google)
07:16 < whot> so I guess the question comes down to: are we interested in pursuing that?
07:17 < whot> imo it looks like the best solution so far, especially if we get it for free
07:17 <+egbert> right.
07:18 <+egbert> we should add it to the list of options at least. let's see if anything else comes up ...
07:18 < robclark> the 'free' part is what is attracting me..  but I'm all for if someone else has other proposals to add
07:18 < mupuf_> egbert: I don;t trust "The cloud"
07:19 <+egbert> mupuf_: well, i don't either necessarily. so what we need to do is to be somewhat prepared for a plan_b.
07:19 < mupuf_> as long as the data is safe
07:19 < robclark> whot, egbert, I guess I should ping you at some point after mtg and find out a bit more about what we are running on expo... ie. does member website depend on some specific version of perl/python/mysql/etc..
07:19 < mupuf_> and possibly, if we could backup snapshots of the entire system, that would be even better
07:19 < whot> robclark: yeah, we can do that afterwards
07:20 <+egbert> robclark: yes. not tonight, though. i need to go to bed ;)
07:20 < robclark> egbert, yes, that is what I expected, so tomorrow or early next week is fine
07:20 < whot> mupuf_: the point with openshift is that you don't care or have access to the system itself, only your application
07:20 <+egbert> whot: definitely!
07:20 < whot> with the idea that you can take it and move it elsewhere with the same system underneath
07:21 <+egbert> whot: yes!
07:21 < robclark> I guess we should try, before throwing the switch, to see if we can replicate the setup one one of our own pc's..
07:21 < robclark> if we can do that, we should be able to migrate off of openshift
07:21 < mupuf_> whot: sounds good. Openshift can be found in many systems
07:21 <+egbert> yup
07:21 < mupuf_> robclark: Experimenting sounds like a good idea!
07:21 < whot> true. it's free to sign up for a test account too, or we can use mine
07:22 < agd5f> hi, sorry I'm late.  I had a conflict earlier
07:22 < robclark> yeah, test account seems like a good idea
07:23 < whot> I guess the other question is whether there's other PaaS services similar that should be evaluated
07:23 < mupuf_> can we upgrade an account from test to production?
07:23 < mupuf_> that would be great for us! No need to set up the system twice :)
07:23 < whot> I admit I'm somewhat biased here, if red hat hosts one I'll be happy with that
07:23 < whot> mupuf_: that could test the theory - migration should just be snapshot-restore :)
07:24 < mupuf_> wonderful
07:24 < robclark> mupuf_, not sure, I'll have to do some research..  but tbh if we have to migrate to go from test account that is kind of a good thing (to have confidence in backups ;-))
07:24 < whot> agd5f: np, want the summary or do you have the backlog?
07:24 < agd5f> I've got the backlog
07:26 < whot> ok, so our todo list is: find out if we get a free account, figure out how to set up a test system, migrate from one to the next, how to do backups
07:26 < whot> anything I missed?
07:26 <+egbert> sounds good.
07:26 < robclark> I guess if you missed some details will figure out in the process of setting up test system
07:26 < robclark> so sounds good
07:26 < whot> theory goes that either rob or I should be able to find someone who knows openshift by heart :)
07:27 < robclark> that is a reasonably good assumption
07:28 < whot> rightyo, let's leave it at that then, I'll put the checklist in the minutes so you all have something to tick off :)
07:28 < whot> next item: SPI, mupuf_?
07:29 < robclark> sounds good
07:29 < mupuf_> whot: I have done absolutely nothing... I started an intensive course of Finnish alongside work and I did not expect to spend 30+h/week on it... It is just insane how much homework we have
07:30 < mupuf_> it finishes next week
07:30 < mupuf_> so I will review our bylaws for the next meeting
07:32 < whot> o
07:32 < whot> ok
07:33 < whot> guess that should finish up this meeting then, unless anyone else has anything?
07:33 < mupuf_> no news on GSoC either
07:34 < robclark> nothing else from me
07:34 <+egbert> nothing here. let's wrap it up.
07:34 < whot> alrighty, let's get egbert to bed :)
07:34 < whot> thanks for attending, talk to you all in 2 weeks