Date is 2011-10-27, times are UTC+02.

23:00 <+alanc> good afternoon/evening/insert-your-timezone-here
23:00 <+emmes> hey all
23:00 <+mherrb> hi
23:00 <stukreit> hi
23:03 <+alanc> agd5f? keithp?
23:03 <+alanc> guess we're also still missing Bart & anholt
23:05 <+alanc> stukreit: any treasury things to report?  all bills paid from XDC?
23:06 <agd5f> hi
23:06 <stukreit> yes, I believe IIT is all paid up due to the fact that they sent some $$ back
23:06 <+alanc> did we overpay?  or from reducing our catering orders?
23:07 <+Bart_Massey> Sorry I'm late
23:07 <+alanc> it's okay - all you missed so far was stuart confirming the IIT bills were now paid for XDC
23:07 <stukreit> I am not sure. I did ask them to re-check their numbers. I don't have a page that says the catering was reduced
23:08 <+alanc> okay, sounds like all is in hand
23:08 <stukreit> should ask them again. They were sending email to Mike instead of me, then he was forwarding to me. It was confusing
23:09 <stukreit> also, I need to visit the hsbc branch and get them to stop charging us a nuisance fee "analysis" each month. Its a real wtf.
23:09 <+alanc> I didn't see any election committee e-mail, so I guess we need to kick harder to get ourselves in gear
23:10 <stukreit> I can't pull that boat anytime soon.
23:10 <+Bart_Massey> Have we asked Google for a PO for X.Org GSoC yet?
23:11 <+Bart_Massey> I think the deadline is in just a few days.
23:11 <stukreit> who was assigned that task? I hope not me
23:11 <+alanc> did we send any mentors to the summit this year?
23:11 <+alanc> I would have assumed marcheu was talking to stukreit about it
23:11 <+Bart_Massey> Not that I am aware of. Both Donnie and I were there, but were on behalf of other orgs
23:12 <stukreit> I don't have email from him
23:12 <+Bart_Massey> We need to invoice Google for our $500/accepted student org money.
23:12 <+Bart_Massey> Or they won't give it to us. :-)
23:12 <+alanc> we had 4 students, right?  so $2k?
23:12 <stukreit> bart: sounds like you have most of the details..??
23:12 <+Bart_Massey> I think that's right. I can check---just a sec.
23:14 <+Bart_Massey> Don't everybody block on me...
23:14 <stukreit> Can you write it out? perhaps the PO should come from the treasurer? (but I don't have any info on this to write it)
23:14 <+Bart_Massey> Looks like five students.
23:14 <marcheu> Bart_Massey: we had 4 students through + 1 dropped
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> Yes, they pay on dropped students also
23:15 <marcheu> right, but they don't appear in the final count
23:15 <+alanc> stukreit: I forwarded on the mails I have on it to you @gmail
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: There's a set of links with instructions for you to follow.
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> I can dig them up again if neither alanc nor marcheu has them handy.
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> You're looking for a forwarded email from Carol Smith.
23:16 <marcheu> yeah we're going to need at least the PO # from last year, I'll have to dig it up
23:16 <+alanc> "GSoC 2011 Org Admins: Mentor Stipends + GSoC Mentor Summit Travel Payments" is the subject line of the one I forwarded
23:16 <+Bart_Massey> That's the one.
23:16 <stukreit> Do you have a previous PO or invoice for this? Or from another org, what form does it take?
23:16 <marcheu> yeah we have a previous PO
23:16 <stukreit> see it
23:16 <marcheu> I'll dig it up
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> Anyway, I forget whether the deadline to start the process is Nov 3 or Nov 7, but I think it's one or the other.
23:17 <marcheu> for example I never quite knew if the money landed last year, since I can't see the X.ORg finances
23:17 <stukreit> its a payment request form.  Google is the one that writes the po
23:17 <stukreit> Give me a date to look up
23:17 <marcheu> hmm I'm mostly sure there's something I have to dig up from last year
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: Correct. We request payment they write a PO, we respond to the PO with an invoice, they send us the money.
23:18 <marcheu> maybe an account #, it's some kind of number for sure
23:18 <+alanc> right, from what I read you fill out the payment request, google issues a PO, you issue an invoice, google issue a check
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> This is *easier* than the way they used to do it. :-)
23:18 <+alanc> marcheu: our google supplier/vendor id number I think
23:18 <marcheu> hmm right
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: Right
23:18 <stukreit> and that number is ...?
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> Someone can bug Google if we can't find it, but obviously it would be better if we could...
23:19 <marcheu> stukreit: I don't know, it's at home somewhere
23:19 <marcheu> stukreit: as I said I'll dig it up
23:20 <stukreit> k. So this will be for 5 x $500? and how much was the previous year for? (so I can hunt for it)
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> $1500 IIRC, but I'm not positive
23:21 <+alanc> plus last year I think we sent two mentors to the summit, whose expenses we paid and then google reimbursed
23:21 <stukreit> Is this a fixed amount per participant or does it include the plane tix that Carol refers to
23:21 <marcheu> stukreit: last year was 2k + summit travel costs which was just donnie
23:21 <+alanc> at least I remember sending Donnie for X.Org since gentoo already had two
23:22 <+alanc> no plane tickets this year if we didn't send anyone
23:22 <marcheu> yeah
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> AFAIK we aren't sending Donnie this year, but someone should check with him :-)
23:22 <stukreit> no travel at all? then its 5 x $500?
23:23  * Bart_Massey muses "aren't having sendeden? time tenses are indeed hard"
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: Except somebody should ping Donnie to make sure he's not expecting reimbursement from us.
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> I'm pretty sure he's not, but it would only take one email...
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> AFAIK no one else from X.Org was even there.
23:24 <marcheu> yeah we had no one from X.Org
23:24 <marcheu> stukreit: yes 5*500
23:24 <+Bart_Massey> marcheu: We missed you there. :-)
23:24 <marcheu> Bart_Massey: the idea of going to work on the WE didn't click
23:24 <+alanc> does list donnie
23:25 <marcheu> hmm I'll get to him then
23:25 <stukreit> cc me please
23:25 <marcheu> in any case, we can issue multiple invoices
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> marcheu: It's actually more of a big party than any kind of actual work.
23:25 <+alanc> btw, while on the topic of GSoC, are we trying for the winter code-in this year?
23:25 <marcheu> stukreit: so we could request that 5*500 now and donnie's invoice later
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> marcheu: they really prefer that we issue one invoice, and all payment requests need to be by the deadline
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> So ping donnie and if he doesn't respond by tomorrow we'll assume he's not expecting reimbursement from us
23:26 <stukreit> that's what carol's letter says: get it in by 11/4
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: I have totally quit thinking about the Winter Code-In. Thanks for reminding me.
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> Do we want to try to do it?
23:27 <marcheu> didn't marcoz_wk volunteer at some point? ;)
23:27 <agd5f> I thought we had missed the deadline for that
23:27 <marcheu> it's really hard to get in the winter code-in anyway
23:27 <+alanc> I remember trying to make a list of proposals last year, did we get in and just not get any students or did we not get in last year?
23:28 <+alanc> The deadline for applications is 1 November at 23:00 UTC.
23:28 <marcoz_wk> marcheu:  winter code-in?
23:28 <marcheu> marcoz_wk: yeah, wasn't that discussed at some point?
23:28 <+Bart_Massey>
23:28 <+alanc>
23:28 <marcheu> in any case, the odds are super low
23:29 <+Bart_Massey> I don't really want to put any energy into it. I'd say let it pass this year.
23:29 <marcheu> Bart_Massey: my feeling exactly
23:29  * Bart_Massey will be back in a couple of minutes
23:29 <+alanc> for high school students over winter break, projects that take hours or days instead of months
23:29 <marcheu> right, so for us it's something like "fix graphics driver bugs in hours or days instead of months"
23:30 <marcoz_wk> was that the high school student thing that came up on the irc channel?
23:30 <marcheu> that doesn't translate too well in the freedesktop world
23:30 <marcheu> marcoz_wk: yes
23:30 <+alanc> probably more like "write a man page for a driver that is missing one"
23:30 <marcoz_wk> marcheu: i remember someone (was that you?) asking of others were intersted.  I said I was interested in helping but din't hear any more.
23:31 <marcheu> marcoz_wk: I don't think I asked. as I said the odds of us (as an org) are very low
23:31 <marcheu> but don't let that stop you from trying
23:31 <marcoz_wk> I'm always trying to recruit students (even though I'm not good at it.)  you all notice the spam I sent to the ML about hpr?
23:32 <+alanc> hpr?
23:33 <marcoz_wk> hackerpublicradio.
23:33 <+alanc> oh, the radio show
23:33 <marcoz_wk> there's prob a few students that listen to it.
23:33 <+alanc> yeah, took a minute for the abbreviation to click in
23:35 <marcheu> marcoz_wk: well, you have a couple of days, get going :)
23:35 <marcoz_wk> ;)
23:35 <+alanc> is our attempt from last year that didn't get accepted
23:36  * Bart_Massey returns. whee
23:38 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: We also talked about doing a virtual Book Sprint to write an X.Org Developer's Guide at some point...
23:38 <+Bart_Massey> Honestly, I think that's higher priority for me.
23:38 <+alanc> oh, and besides kicking the election committee to schedule the elections, we also need to start drafting the proposed Bylaw changes to vote on during the election
23:38 <marcoz_wk> Bart_Massey: do we still want to do a book sprint next year or ... ?
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: I may misremember but I think that Bylaw changes require a General Meeting.
23:39 <+alanc> do we ever have those?
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: I was thinking of picking a weekend and trying to do it virtual before then.
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: Each year the conference is officially designated a General Meeting
23:39 <+alanc> ah, guess we missed this year's then
23:40 <marcoz_wk> Bart_Massey: irc, skype voice telecon, some kinda of virtual white board?
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> So I think we're looking at next Fall unless we want a virtual General Meeting, which is IMHO maybe not such a good idea.
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: All of the above? :-) Whatever cool high-techie stuff would actually work.
23:41 <+alanc> oh, and at some point we need Bart to pester his xcb cohorts into scheduling the xcb workshop we approved funding for a year or two ago, or finally give up on it
23:41  * Bart_Massey turns beet red and sputters
23:41 <marcoz_wk> Bart_Massey: I'll look into it heh.  anyone's company willing to donate a conf call 'room' for a bit on the weekend?
23:42 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: I think Mumble works better for voice anyhow.
23:42 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: you need more minions, maybe keith has some spare ones you can borrow?
23:42 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: OK, I'll kick folks again. Honestly I think you have spent more time on XCB in the last six months than any of us "founders".
23:42 <marcoz_wk> Bart_Massey: i've heard of it, but haven't used it. gives me an excuse to play with something new. :)
23:42 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: I'm a college professor; I can probably find my own if I bother.
23:43 <+alanc> I just happened to remember when updating the Xorg events page last week to move XDC to past events and saw the XCB workshop still listed as TBD
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: I have a couple of servers set up. Really like it.
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: Yes.
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> So clearly, I need to figure out which of three or four X.Org-related projects I should move to the front of my queue right now.
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> Does someone else want to tackle the Bylaw changes?
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> We should really start these now; it takes a *long* time to get them right.
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> Which is how I missed the last deadline.
23:44 <+alanc> the only one I remember for sure was the 501(c)3 required conflict-of-interest rules agd5f had
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> There was also some talk of bumping the ceiling on Board Members per company by one.
23:44 <+alanc> I can try to take a look at the current ones and see what looks like we're failing to do and should change
23:45 <+Bart_Massey> There was also some procedural stuff.
23:45 <agd5f> yeah, that was the main thing.  the IRC wants an explicit conflict of interest section/document
23:45 <+Bart_Massey> Someone should grub the minutes and see where we were whining about the Bylaws.
23:45 <agd5f> *IRS
23:46  * Bart_Massey thinks the IRC just wants attention. We're always taking it for granted...
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> So I'll scout around for people to work on XCB workshop and virtual book sprint. I'm massively overbooked so I'll try to find an appropriate lead for each of these and pass the ball.
23:49 <+alanc> sounds good
23:49 <marcoz_wk> Bart_Massey: I can help with the virtual book sprint.
23:49 <+alanc> sounds even better 8-)
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> I was hoping you'd say that. :-)
23:50 <+alanc> anything else we need to discuss before adjourning today?
23:50 <+Bart_Massey> We just need to revive the potential attendees list and all try to find a common weekend and tech.
23:50 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: Not from me.
23:51 <keithp> hi guys
23:51 <+Bart_Massey> keithp: Howdy!
23:51 <keithp> dr appt for my daughter
23:51 <+alanc> I don't remember if there was anyone else on the list in the silicon valley area - could probably arrange a conference room here if so to conference with folks in Portland & other locales
23:51 <keithp> now enjoying powell's city of books
23:52 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: I think we'll be OK with more ad-hoc methods, but we'll bug you if we need help. THanks!
23:53 <marcoz_wk> any interest in nuking the wiki from orbit and starting all over? 
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz_wk: Probably too big a topic for this point in this meeting, but we should talk soon...
23:54 <marcoz_wk> +1
23:55 <+alanc> so shall we adjourn this meeting?
23:55 <+Bart_Massey> Seconded
23:55 <stukreit> +1
23:56 <+mherrb> +1
23:56 <+alanc> see you all in two weeks, on Nov. 10
23:56 <+alanc> at which point, DST will have ended in both the US & EU I believe
23:57 <+mherrb> yes.  nov 10 I'm travelling. Not sure if I will be there... 
23:58 <agd5f> +1
23:58 <+emmes> +1