Date is 2011-09-01, times are UTC+02.

Due to anti-spaming policies, the word insur*ance had to be crippled.

23:00 <+mherrb> hi
23:00 <michaellarabel> Hi
23:01 <+alanc> hello
23:01 <agd5f> hi
23:02 <+alanc> so keith & bart sent mail saying they couldn't make it
23:02 <+alanc> emmes sent mail saying he'd be late
23:03 <+alanc> that should leave us anholt and stukreit
23:03 <+alanc> looks like anholt lost connection just before the meeting
23:05 <stukreit> alan glaring at me.
23:05 <+alanc> well, 4 should be enough to get started
23:05 <+alanc> last meeting before XDC - all arrangements ready to go?
23:06 <+alanc> I guess we never heard from anholt or keith about funding from Intel
23:06 <stukreit> I think so. we have the milk and cookies all lined up
23:07 <michaellarabel> The venue itself should be good to go.... (Stukriet: did IIT acknowledge your insur*ance email confirmation?) per my email earlier this week, any comment about the head count we should tell catering? Still do 60 or have some slightly lesser amount considering the registered attendance count?
23:07 <stukreit> yes. iit is good
23:07 <+alanc> looks like we have 31 now
23:08 <stukreit> you might tell the caterers truthfully that we have 31, but this is a very last-minute crowd
23:08 <+alanc> so 60 may be a bit high, but wouldn't be surprised to have 40-45
23:08 <michaellarabel> So should I tell catering then to revise the count for 45~50 to be safe?
23:08 <+mherrb> last year their was between 5 and 10 last minute people (ie people asking in the last week, since I had set a limit to 50)
23:08 <stukreit> you know, the snacks are generally not that big a deal, so if you're short, I wouldn't be embarrased
23:09 <+alanc> people who don't register in advance can't complain about not getting enough free food
23:09 <+mherrb> but there were also a similar number of registered people who didn't show up.
23:09 <stukreit> so I'm saying if we think its 31 + (10 last minute), that == 35,  not 41!
23:09 <stukreit> alanc: even better point
23:10 <stukreit> which is why we should start having cutoff times for registration as well as app for sponsorship.
23:10 <stukreit> "i'm sorry i'm late" is getting old
23:10 <+alanc> and yes, no cost registration by just adding your name to a wiki means no reminder/penalty to remove if you can't make it
23:10 <michaellarabel> Okay, so should I tell catering then to prepare 40~45?
23:10 <stukreit> I say 31
23:11 <+alanc> 40 seems reasonable to me
23:11 <stukreit> I'm just the strict dad I guess
23:11 <agd5f> 35?
23:11 <+alanc> that works too
23:11 <stukreit> alan: you're the one that offered the suggestion u snooze u lose
23:11 <+alanc> any of these should save us a little off the current 60
23:12 <agd5f> I'd say lower is better so we don't waste food
23:12 <agd5f> IIRC, it never really all gets eaten anyway
23:12 <stukreit> The point is that I well know how nerve wracking it is to arrange an XDC, and inconsiderate attendees are no help
23:12 <stukreit> So we have 31 today, the answer is 31.
23:13 <+mherrb> unless Michael knwos some local people who wish to attend but aren't registered. 
23:14 <stukreit> and someone who puts their name on the list tomorrow, or just walks over... mooches from the rest of us.  But I admit, it isn't much money we're talking about.  but it can irritate the organizer
23:14 <michaellarabel> The only thing I can think of is that there might be 2 or 3 people from the association of computing machinery that might be there, since we invited them for getting us the discounted room, etc.
23:14 <stukreit> I've hosted 3 expensive parties (bar mitzvahs) Bad guests are a bitch
23:14 <+alanc> well, #31 is a local I invited (Brian Cameron, long time Sun/Oracle GNOME hacker, GNOME Foundation board member, lives in Chicago)
23:16 <stukreit> 35 sounds like the consensus. I'll +1 it so we can move on
23:16 <agd5f> +1
23:16 <+mherrb> +1
23:16 <+alanc> 35 should cover the registered attendees plus a few students, so +1 from me too
23:17 <+alanc> so is michaellarabel or stukreit informing the caterers of our new numbers?
23:17 <michaellarabel> alanc: Yep, I am emailing them right now.
23:17 <+alanc> thanks
23:18 <+alanc> anything else we need to discuss today for the conference before moving on to the last minute travel funding requests?
23:18 <+alanc> I guess we still have no decision on a dinner without sponsorship info
23:19 <+emmes>  sorry for being late...
23:19 <michaellarabel> Not that I can think of besides any potential formal dinner. I've had to tell Argonne National Laboratories 'no thanks' since they had another tour on Tuesday and so that left Monday or Wednesday and without knowing what date the possible dinner would be due to last minute scheduling of that, it would just be a potential logistical problem.
23:20 <+alanc> okay, sorry about that
23:20 <michaellarabel> Additionally, the foreign nationals would need to fill out the form, which would be due like tomorrow due to processing.
23:20 <+alanc> welcome emmes
23:20 <stukreit> ml: perhaps some lighter entertainment? It doesn't have to be techygeeky
23:21 <michaellarabel> stukreit: Any recommendations of what along the lines your thinking of? Just something as simple as saying a number of developers will be going to a Chicago Blues/Jazz bar or something afterwards or what?
23:21 <+alanc> I guess we'll poke people about sponorship via e-mail and see what we can arrange
23:22 <+emmes> stukreit: need anything for my reimbursement besides what I already sent to the list?
23:23 <+alanc> I guess it's time to discuss the sponsorship requests then
23:23 <stukreit> uh, refresh me. did you send something from the airline with the price on it?
23:24 <+alanc> emmes has requested approx. $1600 to fly from germany
23:24 <+emmes> incl. hotel, that is
23:24 <+alanc> sorry, right travel + hotel
23:25 <+alanc> and I guess the usual question about employer covering it leads into a change-of-affiliation announcement that should be publicly made at some point
23:26 <stukreit> emmes: board votes on the round number, I write check on the actual (or sorta actual) number
23:26 <+alanc> anyways, that request looked good to me, so +1 for sponsoring emmes trip for approx. $1600
23:26 <+mherrb> +1
23:26 <stukreit> +1
23:26 <agd5f> +1
23:27 <+alanc> looks like it passes unanimously among the members present and not having a conflict of interest
23:27 <+emmes> I changed my member data, blogged about about it, and can do whatever else necessary for announcing. I think it really is public now ;-)
23:28 <+alanc> emmes: edit 8-)
23:28 <+emmes> aorry for being slow, typing from a remote screen via phone right now...
23:28 <+emmes> ok
23:28 <+mherrb> and you didn't move to Intel so it doesn't create new conflicts of interest  :)
23:28 <+emmes> nope ;p
23:29 <+alanc> I hadn't noticed the blog or member data yet, just the board e-mail, so I didn't realize you'd made it public in other ways
23:30 <+alanc> in any case, we also have a request from mattst88 for I believe approx. $600
23:30 <+alanc> flying from North Carolina + 3 nights hotel
23:30 <+mherrb> more than that iirc. 
23:31 <agd5f> also jamey sharp for $850
23:31 <+alanc> right, was doing one at a time
23:32 <+mherrb> sorry I didn't see that matt's invoice was for 2 persons.
23:32 <+alanc> mattst88's mail said $261.40 for plane ticket, $126 * 3 for hotel, but that the hotel included a fee for a second person in the room
23:32 <mattst88> mine is $700 for flight + total hotel cost. if the board wants to pick up only part of the hotel cost, that's perfectly acceptable for me
23:32 <+mherrb> so ~ 600 is right
23:33 <mattst88> (the $700 figure includes only my ticket, + hotel)
23:34 <mattst88> and if the flight dates and hotel dates don't make sense to you, it's because I'm staying with a college friend on Saturday night.
23:36 <+alanc> I'm happy with voting +1 to cover somewhere in the $600-700 range - do we want to be more specific about the hotel costs or just let it be in the noise?
23:36 <stukreit> let it go.
23:37 <+emmes> in that range i'm perfectly fine +1
23:37 <stukreit> +1
23:37 <+mherrb> +1 ; at some point I'd like to remind of the "owe a talk" tradition..
23:37 <stukreit> now's a good time
23:38 <+mherrb> especially since the program is a bit sparse 
23:39 <agd5f> +1
23:39 <+alanc> mattst88: consider yourself reminded that we like the people we sponsor to talk - we don't need a formal paper or slides or anything, just a topic for discussion, and it can actually be for discussion with the crowd instead of you talking at us while we read our e-mail
23:40 <mattst88> I've been working with OLPC since june, so maybe with cjb's help I could whip up some kind of talk? I'm not sure how much time I've got with classes until Sept 12
23:40 <+alanc> so mattst88's request is approved
23:40 <mattst88> I've certainly got plenty of laptops I could bring... :)
23:41 <+emmes> i'll think of something as well - it'll be more of a discussion than a real talk, though
23:41 <+alanc> that leaves jamey's for $850 
23:41 <+alanc> he doesn't seem to be here, but we know jamey and his work, so I don't think there'd be much to ask
23:42 <+alanc> +1 for $850 for jamey
23:42 <stukreit> +1
23:42 <+mherrb> +1
23:43 <+emmes> +1 slow here
23:44 <agd5f> +1
23:45 <+alanc> okay, I'll mail him to tell him he's approved
23:45 <+alanc> any other business for today?
23:46 <michaellarabel> Speaking of the schedule/talks... was working on the schedule earlier and wanted to confirm whether the Xorg foundation wants scheduled in another 'meeting' like usual (e.g. where you've discussed logo, etc) in the past?
23:46 <+alanc> as noted in the e-mail, I declared the next normal meeting cancelled since it's the day after XDC
23:46 <+alanc> michaellarabel: yes, we should have a Board session time in the agenda
23:46 <michaellarabel> alanc: Okay, 30 minutes? hour?
23:47 <+alanc> I'd say 30 minutes - I don't think we filled an hour last time
23:47 <+mherrb> please try to program it not too late in the afternoon, so I may be able to attend on irc.
23:47 <+alanc> mherrb might remember better as he put the schedule together
23:48 <michaellarabel> mherrb: Would you like it at the start of the morning? Like first thing Monday morning would that work for you with the time difference?
23:49 <+mherrb> I don't know excalty which timezone Chigago is, but it should be 6 or 7 hours.
23:50 <michaellarabel> Chicago is CST (GMT - 5)
23:50 <+mherrb> here it's CEST (GMT+2) currently so yes 7 hrs
23:51 <michaellarabel> so would a meeting at say 9 or 10AM chicago time work out for you?
23:51 <+mherrb> yes, or even 14PM 
23:51 <+mherrb> err 2PM 
23:52 <michaellarabel> Okay
23:53 <michaellarabel> So in terms of any formal dinner then should I just wait on an email from you guys with decision and then see what can come up in time?
23:53 <+emmes> I asked for change of my email adr for the board list - I don't think I can do it myself...
23:55 <+mherrb> its a standard mailman list, I don't see why you couln't
23:55 <+alanc> and it looks like agd5f & anholt are the admins, according to the mailiman page for it
23:55 <+mherrb> but I didn't try changing minre recently. At least I just could get my passwd reminded. 
23:56 <+emmes> well, you can't subscribe yourself :]
23:57 <agd5f> other than approving emails and marking spam, I'm not sure how to make any other changes off hand
23:57 <+mherrb> no but logging to the web interface with you old address alows to change the mail addres. 
23:57 <+emmes> ok, i'll try
23:58 <+emmes> I thought the list was more closed...
23:59 <+mherrb> there may be an issue if you can't get mail at your @suse address anymore already.
23:59 <+emmes> I can't. didn't think of that, as usual.
00:00 <+alanc> anholt or daniels or tollef may be able to use root powers to fix too
00:01 <+alanc> btw, congratulations Professor on your new job!
00:01 <+emmes> ok. thanks :)
00:01 <agd5f> yeah, congrats!
00:01 <stukreit> +1, great move!
00:02 <mattst88> where are you a professor?
00:02 <+mherrb> +1 welcome back to academia
00:02 <+emmes> :)
00:03 <+emmes> the place is calles Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
00:03 <+emmes> (or short: Ohm)
00:04 <+emmes> and located just 5mins by bike from my former employer...
00:04 <michaellarabel> Prost emmes! :)
00:06 <+emmes> so no big location change for me ;)
00:06 <+emmes> and yes, i'm currently drinking a Weizen :P
00:07 <michaellarabel> It's Thursday night in NUE, of course I would expect that. I'll have a Franziskaner shortly.
00:07 <+emmes> nevertheless, anything else or should we adjorne?
00:08 <+mherrb> nothing here. +1 for adjourn
00:08 <agd5f> +1
00:09 <+emmes> yeah, swype is nasty :( +1
00:10 <+alanc> +1
00:10 <+alanc> see most of you in two weeks!