Date is 2011-08-04, times are UTC+02.

21:44 <Corbin>  Gentlemen. My wifi is quite poor, so please excuse any slowness of reply.
21:45 <Corbin>  I apologize for the 11th-hour timing and not going through the proper email channel, but I would like to attend XDC, and as such would like to be compensated for my travel expenses.
21:48 <alanc>   any estimate of how much that would be?
21:48 <Corbin>  My "preferred" (read: least likely to lose baggage) airline is American, which quotes roughly $900 for a PDX-ORD roundtrip leaving on the 11th and returning on the 15th. I will not ask for compensation on the transit to and from PDX; I can handle that on my own.
21:49 <Corbin>  I am currently only employed by OSUOSL, which has no corporate expenses.
21:49 <Corbin>  ...And *man* is that lag bad.
21:53 <alanc>   Corbin: plus presumably a reasonable amount for 4 nights hotel, or are you finding accomodations elsewhere?
22:38 <Corbin>  alanc: I was under the impression that the Foundation only compensates travel, not accomodations.
22:40 <alanc>   I believe we're paying for accomodations for everyone else we're covering this year
22:40 <alanc>   since flying you in and then making you sleep under a bridge is not fair
22:40 <alanc>   though if you had a friends place to crash at or someone's room to share we wouldn't complain
22:44 <Corbin>  I know nobody in Chicago. Lemme go look for a cheap place to stay.
22:44 <Corbin>  If nothing else, there's probably a $20/night hostel somewherer.
22:46 <Corbin>  Apparently the Travelodge is recommended?
22:46 <alanc>   we're paying for actual hotel rooms for other people, don't have to go dirt cheap if you don't want to
22:48 <Corbin>  I would certainly enjoy a real $100/night room. Makes me feel all pampered.
23:00 <agd5f>   hello
23:00 <mherrb>  hi
23:01 <agd5f>   Corbin: Sounds fine to me
23:03 <michaellarabel>  Hi
23:03 <Bart_Massey>     hi
23:03 <Corbin>  Ah, Linuxcon, your wifi is so bad. :c
23:04 <alanc>   hello
23:04 <michaellarabel>  Corbin: The WiFi has been working great for me..
23:04 <alanc>   stukreit sent, well, not quite regrets, but notice he would be absent
23:05 <alanc>   so I see 4 members so far - what about anholt & keithp?
23:05 <anholt>  here
23:05 <anholt>  keithp is out with a family emergency
23:05 <alanc>   ok, and emmes seems to be missing as well
23:06 <agd5f>   emmes said he wouldn't IIRC
23:06 <michaellarabel>  emmes is in Iceland on holiday
23:06 <agd5f>   wouldn't make it 
23:06 <alanc>   for those who weren't in channel earlier, we just got a XDC sponsorship request from Corbin (aka mostawesomedude)
23:06 <alanc>   oh right, he did send that last week, I forgot
23:07 <alanc>   Corbin will need ~$900 for PDX <-> ORD round trip, plus hotel
23:08 <alanc>   "I am currently only employed by OSUOSL, which has no corporate expenses."
23:08 <Bart_Massey>     What's he gonna talk to us about? :-)
23:09 * alanc waits to see if Corbin's wifi is working well enough to answer that...
23:09 <Corbin>  Bart_Massey: Good question! I figure that I have an obligation to report on my GSoC student's progress and what it means for Mesa.
23:09 <alanc>   so should we estimate a max budget of $1500 to cover airfare & hotel ?
23:10 <Corbin>  That sounds like enough. More than enough, even. I presume that I will pay on my own and be compensated later?
23:10 <anholt>  Corbin: that's cand, right?
23:11 <Corbin>  anholt: Yes.
23:11 <anholt>  he's been doing cool stuff.  is he getting dragged out to talk, too?
23:11 <alanc>   yes, unless it's a hardship, normally you pay, then show up at the conference with receipts which you show the treasurer (stukreit) and he writes you a check
23:12 <Corbin>  Sounds reasonable. The magic of plastic has enabled me greatly in this.
23:12 <Bart_Massey>     I haven't booked yet, and hadn't realized tickets will be $900. I may need to ask for some help too. I can pay part out of my travel funds, but I'm not sure if I have enough.
23:12 <Bart_Massey>     +1 for Corbin
23:12 <michaellarabel>  (BTW Corbin, if you were just checking PDX to ORD, you may want to try PDX to MDW too Midway is Chicago's other airport with many of the low-cost carriers, not sure which ones serve PDX though.)
23:12 <alanc>   and yes, I was figuring a max of $1500 would be more than enough, but allow a little flexibility in case prices change
23:12 <Corbin>  I don't know if cand's able to get across the world. I gather that there's a work-study thing going on which he has to finish?
23:13 <anholt>  fair enough
23:13 <alanc>   +1 for Corbin as well
23:13 <mherrb>  +1 as well
23:13 <anholt>  +1 too.
23:13 <agd5f>   +1
23:13 <Corbin>  michaellarabel: I'll check that out. I don't think I'll get a better deal than AA though, unless there's a Southwest flight I could find. I don't fly United due to a string of bad flights a few years ago.
23:13 <Corbin>  Thank you kindly, guys.
23:14 <michaellarabel>  Corbin: Southwest flies to MDW along with Frontier and some other LCCs
23:14 <alanc>   stukreit reported via e-mail that he had contacts with the facilities & caterers in hand
23:14 <Corbin>  Then I will investigate that and see if I can get a better price.
23:15 <alanc>   thanks for shopping around - helps us cover more people's expenses
23:15 <michaellarabel>  alanc: what does he mean by that? Last he told me he said he had things figured out and had called them, I think this was last week.
23:15 <Bart_Massey>     We need to talk about my massive fail with the book sprint. I haven't done anything to organize it for many weeks. I'm assuming we should still try to go forward, but time is getting short.
23:16 <alanc>   michaellarabel: unfortunately, I didn't get more detail than was in his e-mail, so we'll have to ask him later
23:16 <Bart_Massey>     I could offer a host of excuses, but I guess I'll stop at apologizing profusely and leave it at that.
23:16 <alanc>   yeah, the other two XDC things I knew we needed to talk about were book sprint & sponsored dinner event
23:16 <alanc>   so we'll let bart go first
23:16 <Bart_Massey>     What do people think. Is it too late to do the sprint? Too late to scrub it?
23:16 <Bart_Massey>     Both?
23:17 <alanc>   well, if we're going forward, really need to get invites out and figure out who we need to cover expenses for
23:17 <Bart_Massey>     How many of the people here are/were planning on participating?
23:17 <alanc>   but other than that and finding a conference room, is there a lot of advance prep needed?
23:18 <Bart_Massey>     In particular, alanc, marcheu, marcoz?
23:18 <alanc>   I was going to, since I've been involved in lots of the doc work
23:18 <Bart_Massey>     The problem is that if we don't have enough people it's worse than fail.
23:18 <alanc>   my travel approval covered me being there all week, still need to go make my reservations though
23:18 <Bart_Massey>     If I had 6 solid commitments counting myself, I would consider it "on" and get going on it right away.
23:18 <agd5f>   Bart_Massey: I'd like to, but I'm still working out my travel and I'm still kind of up in the air at the moment
23:19 <Bart_Massey>     agd5f---sorry didn't mean to leave you off the list; would really like to have you there.
23:19 <Bart_Massey>     alanc: No, it's mostly making sure there are enough people to make it worth finding a room and booking for the extra days
23:20 <Bart_Massey>     I would love input. In the absence of any strong opinions, I will (for real, this time) spend an hour or two after the meeting working on invites and nailing down commitments.
23:20 <Bart_Massey>     When I get 6 "definites", I'll try to book a room.
23:20 <Bart_Massey>     michaellarabel suggested a Holiday Inn near the University somewhere as a place to try.
23:21 <Bart_Massey>     Are we / can we all book into the same hotel?
23:21 <alanc>   if we don't do it now, probably won't try again until next year
23:21 <marcheu_>        Bart_Massey: as far as I'm concerned, I can't make it to XDC, I have other plans
23:21 <Bart_Massey>     alanc: and it may be harder for folks to make Dublin than Chicago: IDK
23:23 <alanc>   for the north american contigent, sure -  I assume gaetan is somewhere in canada based on the .ca in his e-mail, but no idea what part
23:23 <michaellarabel>  Bart_Massey: I would think it still should be easy to book a conference room at Holiday Inn on short notice for reasonable amount... most major conferences and events are usually at other places as far as I know. If any other information is needed in advance, I can help out, but will be leaving Chicago the day after XDC so no on-site advice.
23:24 <Bart_Massey>     michaellarabel: tx
23:24 <Bart_Massey>     Anyone not think I should still try to send out invites today and see who acks?
23:24 <alanc>   so I'd vote for pressing ahead to see if we can get critical mass
23:25 <Bart_Massey>     I was also thinking about sending a general invite to xorg-devel for folks who want to participate to ask the Board for an invite
23:25 <Bart_Massey>     Does this make sense?
23:25 <Bart_Massey>     I don't want just random folks, but I imagine there are good people not on my short list
23:26 <alanc>   sure
23:26 <agd5f>   seems fine
23:26 <Bart_Massey>     OK. I'll have an email to the Board by Saturday with a go / no-go recommendation
23:26 <alanc>   just make it clear up front that this is a limited working group and that if it overflows we'll have to be selective in order to keep it a workable size
23:26 <Bart_Massey>     Again, my apologies for not taking care of it in a timely fashion
23:26 <Bart_Massey>     alanc: Yes
23:28 <alanc>   so the other XDC item I remember us needing to decide soon was the group dinner/event
23:28 <Bart_Massey>     Do we have a sponsor for this?
23:28 <alanc>   I remember a proposol from michaellarabel a couple months ago for a mexican restaurant that seemed nice
23:28 <alanc>   I don't think we've asked for one yet
23:29 <michaellarabel>  alanc: Yeah, still waiting on hearing from you guys about the dinner.... Sent a list of possible places to the mailing list last week.
23:29 <alanc>   I think the foundation paid for last years?
23:29 <Bart_Massey>     I don't have any strong opinions at all about venue. Again, though, I'd suggest we start contacting sponsors ASAP. In Keithp's absence, hopefully anholt can act as a POC for Intel on this.
23:29 <alanc>   and seem to remember Intel picking up the bill in Portland
23:29 <michaellarabel>  For what it's worth, back at the collaboration summit, keithp talked of Intel sponsoring XDC, not sure how serious he was or not.
23:29 <Bart_Massey>     IIRC Intel has usually been willing to sponsor a dinner in the past.
23:30 <anholt>  Bart_Massey: hmm,  not sure who keithp's contacts are, nor how I would get that arranged since I won't be there.
23:30 <alanc>   Intel kicked in a big check to sponsor XDC in France, so the dinner may have just come out of that overall sponsorship
23:30 <mherrb>  yes.
23:30 <Bart_Massey>     anholt: Can you ask around and try to find out who at Intel would be good to contact, though?
23:31 <Bart_Massey>     Whoever Keithp used last year would probably be the same one again.
23:31 <Bart_Massey>     I can't think of names off the top of my head, but you might know some.
23:32 <anholt>  yeah, the obvious candidate isn't in today.
23:32 <Bart_Massey>     anholt: tomorrow or Monday?
23:32 <anholt>  I'll take a look around again monday
23:33 <alanc>   so do we want to wait to decide on dinner until we have sponsorship info?
23:34 <alanc>   and is there any other XDC preparations we need to discuss today?
23:34 <Bart_Massey>     I guess without sponsorship I'm disinclined to host an expensive dinner, but I don't feel strongly about it
23:35 <michaellarabel>  in terms of a status update from me, I am basically just waiting on deciding for the board's decision about dinner. There's multiple ones listed in the email last week that I got no responses to. Not sure which ones comply well with dietary constraints and such of others, as stukriet said before. Also not sure which ones might already be booked or otherwise not available on the given days. The date that the dinner also ends up happening is also import
23:37 <Bart_Massey>     michaellarabel: I think you're blocked on us for now. Thanks much for all the info.
23:37 <michaellarabel>  your welcome, no problem.
23:39 <alanc>   any other business for today?
23:40 <alanc>   I know once we get past XDC we need to get our act in gear on elections cycle, bylaws update, & conflict of interest policy
23:40 <Bart_Massey>     COI policy?
23:40 <Bart_Massey>     That's a new one on me...what's the issue?
23:41 <alanc>   one of the requirements agd5f said we had to complete from the 501(c)3 stuff
23:41 <Bart_Massey>     Ah. Not arising from some new issue, then. Tx.
23:42 <agd5f>   Bart_Massey: IRS wants something in place for non-profit status.  SFLC can help us draft it
23:42 <Bart_Massey>     'k
23:45 <agd5f>   also, new board members may want to start thinking about elections assuming we want to do them in the fall
23:46 <Bart_Massey>     Let me be clear: there's not a chance I'm helping with this one this time. I've had enough of my screwing up elections. :-0
23:50 <alanc>   okay, anything else for today, or is it time to adjourn?
23:50 <Bart_Massey>     move to adjourn
23:50 <mherrb>  yes. I'm falling asleep :)
23:51 <agd5f>   +1
23:51 <alanc>   +1
23:51 <alanc>   (for both adjuorning & sleeping)
23:51 <Bart_Massey>     bye all!
23:51 <alanc>   thanks everyone, see you in two weeks
23:51 <mherrb>  bye
23:54 <michaellarabel>  hope no one else had any other questions from me, lost my VPN connection for some minutes.
23:54 <anholt>  michaellarabel: doesn't look like
23:55 <anholt>  just adjourning.
23:55 <michaellarabel>  okay, thanks. to the board members: just fire me off an email when figuring out the dinner plans / sponsorship or have any other questions.
23:56 <alanc>   will do
23:56 <alanc>   thanks for your patience and hard work putting this together
23:56 <michaellarabel>  no worries