Date is 2011-08-04, times are UTC+02.

23:00 <agd5f> hello
23:00 <+mherrb> hi
23:13 <+alanc> whoops, sorry, completely failed to notice the time
23:14 <+alanc> (or that my client had disconnected and never reconnected)
23:14 <+mherrb> hi, it's been quiet here.. you didn't miss anything.
23:15 <agd5f> everything seems to be on track for xdc
23:16 <+alanc> I saw michaellarabel & stukreit exchanged mail this morning on XDC arrangements
23:16 <michaellarabel> Yeah. (I happen to be around right now... briefly)
23:18 <+alanc> and we'd seemed to be in agreement via e-mail that we weren't really in favor of the only XDC sponsorship request that came in since the last meeting
23:18 <agd5f> what was the plan for the book sprint?  after XDC or in the evenings?
23:19 <+alanc> I thought Bart had planned on two full days after XDC (so Thurs & Fri I guess)
23:19 <michaellarabel> Right, I think thats what Bart planned on...
23:19 <+alanc> evenings are already filled with bar sprint
23:20 <+alanc> (or crawl as the case may be)
23:20 <+alanc> so poking bart to pick a place for that seems to be the current top of the outstanding items on the todo list
23:23 <+alanc> anything else we need to talk about or decide on today?
23:24 <agd5f> I guess we discussed the funding request on the list already
23:25 <+mherrb> yes I agree with what was said on the list.
23:25 <agd5f> me too
23:25 <+mherrb> and no other subject on my side. 
23:26 <+alanc> feel like we're a bunch of slackers on summer-vacation, but I guess if we really have no business...
23:27 <+alanc> we do need to kick the election committee into gear before too long though
23:27 <stukreit> oh crap, hi all
23:27 <+alanc> and if we're going to vote on bylaw changes then, need to start drafting those soon too
23:28 <stukreit> Doesn't look like this is a quorum today
23:45 <agd5f> and conflict of interest policy
23:45 <+alanc> yeah
23:46 <+emmes> sorry for being so late
23:46 <+emmes> friendship emergency
23:52 <+alanc> it's okay, I think today's meeting was basically a non-event
23:52 <+alanc> at least the part I showed up for 8-P
23:53 <+anholt> keithp and I were out to lunch in a more literal way than usual.
23:54 <+keithp> mmm. tacos.
23:54 <+emmes> sigh. still didn't have anything for dinner. and its 12am now.
00:10 <agd5f> move to adjorn?
00:10 <stukreit> +1
00:11 <+alanc> +1
00:11 <+alanc> sorry I figured everyone gave up long ago
00:11 <agd5f> me too, just being formal
00:13 <+emmes> +1 ditto