Date is 2011-05-26, times are UTC+02.

Due to anti-spaming policies, the word insur*ance had to be crippled.

23:00 <+alanc> good afternoon
23:01 <+emmes> hey
23:01 <agd5f> hello
23:07 <+mherrb> hi
23:08 <+emmes> seems a bit slow today, doesn't it?
23:08 <+alanc> yes
23:08 <+alanc> keithp mentioned vacation
23:09 <+alanc> no sign of anholt or barts
23:09 <+alanc> I haven't seen stukreit in the office today
23:11 <+alanc> we did get mail from michael about the conference, everything sounded like it was going well there
23:11 <+Bart_Massey> Sorry for my lateness
23:12 <+alanc> you didn't miss anything except roll call
23:12 <+Bart_Massey> cool. what's current business?
23:13 <+alanc> other than acknowledging Michael's progress, I don't know of anything more to say about XDC
23:13 <+alanc> anything 501(c)3 related we need to discuss?
23:14 <agd5f> alanc: it's in the IRS's hands now.  we just have to wait
23:15 <agd5f> we need to adopt a conflict of interest policy at some point
23:15 <+alanc> we should at some point start the review of bylaw changes we want to make, including the ones suggested by it
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> Good point; that's probably my job.
23:16  * alanc has been failing to keep track of our to-do list unfortunately
23:16 <+Bart_Massey> Please remind me again next meeting, when this academic year is winding down.
23:16 <+Bart_Massey> I also need to organize the Book Sprint if there's going to be one.
23:16 <+Bart_Massey> My belief is that the date for XDC 2011 is pretty much set in stone at this point, correct?
23:17 <agd5f> that's my impression as well
23:17 <+alanc> I think so
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> OK, then it's time to get the invites out.
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> I would love to have any help anyone would offer with figuring out who to invite, and with logistics.
23:18 <+alanc> what is the book sprint trying to produce?  a guide for developers/contributors to Xorg?
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> Yes, specifically new developers/contributors
23:19 <+alanc> so probably want to look at the work marcheu has already done, and include him
23:19 <+Bart_Massey> Yeah, that's a no-brainer
23:19 <+Bart_Massey> Although I do want to make sure it doesn't turn into just a device-driver-writer thing.
23:19 <+emmes> I guess Michael would like a definite statement for the insur*ance. And I would assume all board members are ok with his numbers.
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> I think one of the most important areas where we're having trouble is recruiting folks who can architect X apps
23:20 <+alanc> and marcoz probably knows our existing docs best at this point to know what we can pull in or link to those
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> It wants to be short (< 30 pages) and provide a good introductory narrative for a broad range of folks, plus pointers to and interpretive help with resources
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> At least, that's what I think; we'll finalize the plan at the sprint.
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> I think Matt Dew is also an easy invite. A bunch of PDXers; keithp, cworth, jamey, josh
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> Alan, obviously :-)
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> I'm hoping to have about 8, so I figure 12 is a good invite target
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> At least for the first round
23:23 <+alanc> if you wanted to cover the build system, Gaetan might be good too
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> Good suggestion
23:24 <+alanc> emmes: for the insur*ance, it looked like the quote from the institute recommended provider was $261.75, and the alternative provider was $208.17, so in the same general range
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> I'm going to look into pricing for the guy/org who ran our book sprints for GSoC; if it's reasonable I'll come back to the Board to talk it over. Otherwise, I think I can run it myself.
23:25 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: sounds good
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> Anybody have email addrs for marcoz and gaetan handy off the top of their heads?
23:26 <marcoz> just lemme know how I can help.
23:26 <+alanc> should we vote on approving the XDC insur*ance purchase today?   unfortunately, stukreit's not here to remind us of the details we require for spending
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz: thanks!
23:27 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: Matt Dew <>, Gaetan Nadon <>
23:28 <+alanc> (not that I've added those to a bunch of doc bugs this week or anything)
23:28 <agd5f> alanc: the insur*ance looks good to me
23:28 <marcoz>, 
23:28 <+Bart_Massey> Oh, sorry; I forgot marcoz was Matt :-)
23:28 <+Bart_Massey> Thanks
23:28 <marcoz> there's too many Matts.  had to change handles.  :)
23:28 <+Bart_Massey> :-)
23:29 <+alanc> just got email from stukreit: "Sorry for missing this meeting. I have nothing to report re. treasury or incorporation papers."
23:31 <stukreit_> hey
23:31 <+Bart_Massey> Greetings!
23:31 <+alanc> and there he is
23:31 <stukreit_> surprized myself, made this thing work. anyway, hi
23:32 <marcoz> what time duration are you thinking for the book sprint?
23:33 <marcoz> 1/2 day.   a couple days... ?
23:33 <+Bart_Massey> two full days, either just before or just after xdc
23:33 <+Bart_Massey> That might be overkill, but that just means we get to lounge around more :-)
23:33 <+alanc> stukreit_: we have two quotes for the XDC event insur*ance now from Michael - is there anything else we need before voting to approve it?   (and which do we want to approve? the original $261.75 or the alternative $208.17?)
23:34 <marcoz> there's a few other things we could discuss if we have extra time.  :)
23:34 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz: What's up?
23:35 <stukreit_> 2 quotes are good.  if there's no difference in paperwork, let's take the cheaper one.
23:35 <marcoz> Hi Bart_Massey.   just lots of documentation....
23:35 <+alanc> marcoz: discuss now or during the book sprint?
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> Also, discuss as part of the Board mtg or thereafter?
23:36 <marcoz> i don't want to intrude into the board meeting.
23:36 <stukreit_> I hope this is the start of a discipline, where the responsibility for planning things
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> As a matter of procedure, I'll move to adjourn, and we can then camp and talk about documentation
23:36 <stukreit_> includes the legwork for getting the quotes.  It was hard to get this to happenthe first time
23:37 <stukreit_> but now its on record as how things are to be done.
23:37 <+Bart_Massey> Move to adjourn
23:37 <stukreit_> end-soap-box
23:37 <agd5f> seconded
23:37 <stukreit_> +1
23:37 <+mherrb> +1
23:38 <+emmes> +1
23:38 <+Bart_Massey> Thanks all!
23:39 <agd5f> whoops. were we gonna vote on the insur*ance?
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz: So what's up?
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> Oh. Oops
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> Motion to reconvene :-)
23:39 <agd5f> seconded
23:40 <stukreit_> +1 on cheaper insur*ance quote
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> Someone wanna move to do some particular thing on the insur*ance? stukreit_?
23:40 <stukreit_> ""
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> Stuart moves to take the cheaper quote. Seconded.
23:40 <+alanc> +1
23:40 <agd5f> +1
23:41 <+Bart_Massey> mherrb, emmes, agd5f: We need one more vote :-)
23:41 <+emmes> +1
23:41 <stukreit_> wheee
23:42 <+Bart_Massey> Move to readjourn. :-)
23:42 <agd5f> re-seconded
23:43 <marcoz> i've got little things all over the place, but the big one pertinent here would be what needs to be done before the book sprint to help it go smoothly.
23:43  * Bart_Massey pretends alanc calls for "opposed?" and no opposition is heard
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz: That's a great question
23:44 <stukreit_> marcoz: is there a ptr in this transcriptto to the book sprint topic
23:44  * alanc heard no opposition
23:44 <marcoz> stukreit, ?
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit_: we talked about it, yes...
23:44 <stukreit_> I'll read about it in the minutes..
23:45 <+Bart_Massey> The way that the book sprints I've played in were run, it was considered a bad idea to do too much advance planning; kind of misses the point
23:45 <+Bart_Massey> But we need to have a really clear idea of the overall product goals
23:45 <+Bart_Massey> And we need to have the right group of people in the room to meet those goals
23:45 <+mherrb> +1 on the cheaper assurance
23:46  * Bart_Massey notes that while technically the motion was already passed and the meeting adjourned, the extra vote is good have on record
23:46 <marcoz> ok.  does any of the existing documentation need to be organized so people can find things if they need to?
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> Uh, yeah, that would be good, but I thought you'd already done that. :-)
23:46 <marcoz> I'm working on that, but there's a _LOT_  to do. :)
23:47 <marcoz> duplicate and contradictory stuff all over (in the wiki)
23:47 <+Bart_Massey> You have a good point; maybe a secondary goal of this sprint would be to do some group reorg of the existing online docs to the extent that we need to to make the book easier to write
23:47 <stukreit_> I'm checking out now. bye all.
23:47 <marcoz> is the book sprint mainly for driver devs or any new contributor to come up to speed in any area of X?
23:47 <+Bart_Massey> bye!
23:47 <marcoz> bye
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> But I want to make careful that we don't let it devolve into a librarian sprint---we should have one of those too, but I won't organize it :-)
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> marcoz: Any new contributor.
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> I specifically am concerned about new contributors to apps and libraries, since that's one of our most needy areas IMHO
23:48 <marcoz> agreed, not a librarian sprint.  i just don't want people to have to spend 20 mins looking for 'something they kinda rememeberd but cant find now'
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> Device drivers are perceived as both sexier and easier (!) as near as I can tell
23:49 <marcoz> so we should identify in advance the most pressing needs/areas
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> Yeah, we need to write a list of goals for the book.
23:50 <+Bart_Massey> I can work on that, and post the result to the X.Org list for comments when I get a chance. I'm handicapped by the fact that I haven't been keeping up with the X.Org list lately, though. :-) Is there an RSS feed somewhere?
23:51 <marcoz> i actually started trying to do a Xorg podcast kinda like Jon Master's kernelpodcast.   that didn't go far.  way too much to keep up with... 
23:52 <+Bart_Massey> Time is fleeting, for sure...
23:52 <marcoz> impromptu meeting. 
23:52 <marcoz> you guys be here a while?
23:52 <+Bart_Massey> I've got to bail in a couple of minutes.
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> Let's chat sometime next week or week after...
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> -oo?
23:53 <marcoz> ok.