Date is 2011-04-11, times are UTC+02.

23:01 <agd5f> hello
23:01 <+alanc> good afternoon
23:01 <stukreit> hi
23:02 <+emmes> hey
23:02 <stukreit> how's your weather in dc?
23:02 <agd5f> warm at long last
23:02 <agd5f> 82F
23:02 <stukreit> cherry blossoms and hay fever
23:04 <agd5f> indeed
23:04 <+alanc> so are anholt, keithp, mherrb actually here?
23:04 <+anholt> keithp is packing up to go home
23:05 <+alanc> we really do need to work out a new meeting time so he can make it
23:05 <+alanc> it was starting to look like an hour earlier would be good, but I think Bart's teaching class then
23:05 <stukreit> unless he wants to irc from his car. the fine's only $168 in CA.
23:06 <+emmes> known by experience? ;)
23:06 <stukreit> cellphone ticket a few months ago.  but what's the difference between texting and fighting with a crappy gps interface?
23:07 <+alanc> they had the signs on the freeways last week warning about tickets for texting while driving too
23:07 <stukreit> right.  "$168 ticket.  Its not worth it"
23:10 <+emmes> Anything new from Michael? Sorry I couldn't make it last time (intenet was lousy in the alps).
23:11 <stukreit> Ski with me in tahoe next time. great connectivity.
23:11 <michaellarabel> Hi. It looks like it will hopefully be at IIT university... Waiting for them to respond back any time now.
23:11 <+emmes> stukreit: anytime :)
23:12 <+emmes> michaellarabel: thanks for all your work!
23:12 <michaellarabel> Pretty much what I emailed the board I think it was last week... Illinois Institute of Technology looks like it will be a great fit and just a matter of waiting on them to hear if it will be at no cost.
23:12 <stukreit> ml: What kind of room or requirements did you send them?
23:13 <michaellarabel> room for 60 people is what I've communicated so far
23:13 <stukreit> with wifi and power for laptops?
23:14 <michaellarabel> Yes those will be accommodated.
23:14 <+Bart_Massey> Sorry I'm late.
23:15 <stukreit> projector, possible locking closet? (these are ideas that were handy in previous meetings)
23:16 <michaellarabel> Yes I will bring those up too, first I'm just waiting to ensure that they can get us a room there and then will work out the finer details.
23:16 <stukreit> great. thanks for leading on this
23:16 <michaellarabel> NP. General information for the event is also up at
23:17 <stukreit> looks good
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> quick question: is anybody working on getting's dns moved to be a technical and admin contact other than Leon? We've tried on this in the past, and I forget what happened...
23:19 <michaellarabel> Hopefully I will be hearing back from the university today or tomorrow... Last week they said it should be about a week as they were checking with the ACM student chapter ( I guess) to basically verify I guess that X.Org Foundation is something interesting and legitimate for getting free room.
23:19 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: we need a physical address for xorg
23:19 <agd5f> among other things
23:19 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: I thought we finally had that sorted?
23:19 <agd5f> ideally we'd get one for the 501c3 stuff too
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> Weren't we going to use stukreit for this?
23:20 <agd5f> could be.  I don't recall
23:20 <stukreit> i'm the treasurer. get the secretary to do it.
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> We could list Keithp as technical and admin contact for the dns, but give stukreit's address...
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: But part of the reason we were happy to have a long-term commitment from you is that you agreed to lend us your address for a few years... :-)
23:21 <stukreit> minor issue: my address is changing next year. remodeling and making the entrance around the corner. 
23:21 <stukreit> for everything?
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> Ideally, but obviously it's up to you.
23:21 <stukreit>  Iguess its ok. hadn't thought that far.
23:22 <stukreit> I do plan to stay put
23:22 <stukreit> digging roots down deeper as we speak. foundations and footers
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> If you move (or change address) you move; nbd. But we've tried other plans in the past...
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> If you would prefer to get a maildrop near your home, X.Org would pay for it.
23:23 <stukreit> It will be ok. not a problem. probably buy a more sturdy mailbox than the current one.
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> Cool. Thanks much.
23:24 <agd5f> stukreit: btw, any news on the 1023 form?
23:25 <stukreit> I think you are cc'd to the discussions with sflc about the conversation tomorrow? 
23:25 <stukreit> they sound fairly well satisfied. I'm going thru their draft and answering a few more questions.
23:26 <stukreit> I had some questions outstanding to keith about payments, no answer, but I'm thinking we have enough stuff to get it submitted
23:27 <agd5f> stukreit: I don't think I was cc'ed on that last set.  but it sounds like things are moving.  cool!
23:28 <stukreit> anyone who wants in on the conversation  can contact me. Its at 12EST.
23:28 <+alanc> stukreit: they've been cc'ing Alan, not Alex on those
23:28 <stukreit> oh right. and I don't know why. alex: do you wish to attend?
23:29 <+alanc> which surprised me, since I thought agd5f had been involved before, and I haven't been
23:29 <agd5f> stukreit: I can't make it tomorrow, but, if you need a hand with anything let me know
23:29 <stukreit> ok, thanks
23:30 <+Bart_Massey> have we settled the meeting time question yet?
23:31 <+alanc> no
23:32 <+Bart_Massey> i would love a different time...
23:32 <+alanc> I have to go back through the e-mails to work out if there was a time that worked for everyone, since it seems like just moving an hour earlier puts it in the middle of your class
23:32 <+Bart_Massey> yep
23:32 <+emmes> also depends on the day
23:32 <+Bart_Massey> wednesday
23:34 <+Bart_Massey> ?
23:34 <+emmes> same time as ATM would be ok for me, earlier difficult
23:35 <stukreit> I'm busy alternate weds at 2pm pst
23:35 <+Bart_Massey> 'k
23:35 <+alanc> me too, but those are currently opposite the weeks the board meets, so if they stayed in sync
23:36 <+alanc> we'd be okay
23:37 <agd5f> tuesdays at 12 EDT I have a meeting, but most other times are ok. afternoons (eastern) work better for me as most meetings end up in the morning
23:41 <+keithp> stukreit: I saw Karen on Friday; I've got a bit of searching to do for old records. will let you (and SFLC) know what I find
23:42 <+Bart_Massey> I've set up one of those online poll thingies for meeting times.
23:43 <+alanc> thanks!  I knew those were out there but couldn't remember any off hand so was going to have to search
23:43 <stukreit> keithp: great.  I was thinking it would be good to scan up all the important docs from leon's box.
23:43 <+alanc> so I think we've covered the big thinks - 501(c)3, XDC, meeting times - any thing else we want to discuss?
23:44 <+alanc> did marcheu want to say anything about Google SoC now that all the student applications are in?
23:44 <+emmes> Bart_Massey: only seems to cover the day, not the time...
23:44 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: I couldn't figure out how to select times
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> Yeah, I set it up wrong, clearly
23:44 <+emmes> alanc: I think it's now for all mentors to read, comment, and vote
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> Doh
23:46 <+emmes> yes, this and next week:
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> Fixed.
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> Not the best interface ever.
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> Oh well.
23:46 <+alanc> and it's not too late for new mentors to sign up, if X.Org devs want to help with one of the projects or to help rank them
23:46 <+alanc> marcheu was approving new mentors a couple hours ago
23:47 <+alanc> when I looked over the weekend there seemed to be fewer applications than I remember from past years
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> I agree
23:48 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: I'm assuming the time zone implied is US/Pacific on the poll?
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> But we're always small
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> Yeah, I put a note somewhere, but it isn't showing it
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> Next time I think I'll use a different one of these :-)
23:49 <+emmes> I think doodle is the best known one
23:50 <+Bart_Massey> Alex and Matthias, if you could redo at some point that would be awesome
23:51 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: same link?
23:51 <+Bart_Massey>
23:51 <+Bart_Massey> Yes
23:51 <+Bart_Massey> Somebody should email the link to the list, too.
23:52 <+alanc> done
23:53 <agd5f> done
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> Still lots of possibilities, which is good.
23:54 <+emmes> Bart_Massey: redo what?
23:54 <+emmes> filling out doodle? already done :)
23:54 <+Bart_Massey> Good. 
23:54 <+Bart_Massey> With four of us down, there are still a reasonable number of prospects.
23:54 <+Bart_Massey> Hopefully the other four will grab it RSN and we can pick a time.
23:55 <+Bart_Massey> keithp: any chance you could hit the link and fill this in?
23:55 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: same?
23:56 <+Bart_Massey> is anholt or marcheu around today?
23:56 <stukreit> done
23:56 <+anholt> yeah
23:57 <+Bart_Massey> still looking good!
23:57 <+alanc> I see 5 members now, missing keithp, anholt & mherrb
23:58 <+Bart_Massey> i think keithp may be the strongest constraint.
00:01 <+alanc> so anything else to discuss while waiting for meeting time poll votes?
00:01 <+Bart_Massey> 'k. Got to go. Somebody post the link to the list, and hopefully the remaining three will fill it out in the next day or so.
00:01 <+Bart_Massey> Bye all!
00:02 <+alanc> since the hours up, and no one has any more business, I'm ready to call this meeting adjourned -- any objections?
00:03 <agd5f> +1
00:04 <+alanc> next meeting time/date to be worked out via e-mail once the poll results are in
00:04 <+alanc> thanks for coming all
00:05 <michaellarabel> I'll be emailing you guys soon as I have more information on XDC (again, hopefully in next day or two)
00:10 <+alanc> thanks
00:11 <+emmes> thanks as well
00:11 <agd5f> thanks