Architecture Working Group FAQ

The Architecture Working Group has been defunct for many years now, and most of the information on these pages is now obsolete.

Q: I read the announcement about the creation of the Architecture Working Group within X.Org, but what does this really mean?

A: This change will allow the technical discussions to take place in an open community forum, and it will free the board of directors to concentrate on other organizational and infrastructural issues.

Q: What does this mean for the existing working groups?

A: Three other previously established working groups -- the Release Wranglers, Testing Working Group and Modularization Working Group -- which previously made progress reports to the board of directors will now make their reports directly to the Architecture Working Group.

Q: How is this list/group different from discussions?

A: The content on discusses, to a large extent, defects and questions about the X.Org releases. The Architecture Working Group mailing list intends to discuss a wider range of longer-term technical and development issues.

Q: I have a question, but I'm not sure if I should post it to or to Which list should I use?

A: If in doubt, it is acceptable to start discussions on If people feel the topic is better suited for discussion in the Architecture Working Group, the discussion can migrate to

Q: What happened to the Architecture Board elected by the members last year?

A: One of the primary reasons for the formation of the X.Org Foundation was to lower barriers to participation in and increase contribution to X Window System technologies. After careful consideration, the X.Org Foundation's Board of Directions determined that the best way to foster open participation in the development of this technology was to move architectural responsibilities away from a small, albeit elected, group to a larger group where all can participate.